Enviroshake® Inc. is considered a pioneer in the composite roofing industry, having been around since 1998. Enviroshake® Inc. prides itself on engaging in best practices, and we are always striving to minimize our environmental footstep. Any scrap materials generated during the manufacturing process are recycled back into the system. In fact, the final product itself is recyclable. Enviroshake® Inc. also directly diverts any waste materials that are not biodegradable. Enviroshake® Inc. is located in Chatham Ontario, a 1 hour drive East of Detroit/Windsor. Enviroshake® Inc. is proud to be ISO 9001-2008 certified company committed to quality in manufacturing.

Aged Cedar Enviroshake®

Enviroshake® Inc.’s cedar-look products include Enviroshake®, designed to emulate 9” cedar shakes, and EnviroshingleTM, designed to emulate 5” perfection cedar shingles. All Enviroshake®  and EnviroshingleTM dies were made from the 3D images of real cedar, to ensure the wood grains, size and width are true to nature. The cellulosic fibers (natural wood fibers) used in the composition allow Enviroshake Inc. products to achieve the authentic textured look of cedar roofs. Enviroshake® is pleased to offer various colour options to emulate a natural cedar roof in various stages of its life. Enviroshake® and EnviroshingleTM are available in Aged Cedar, Classic Silvered Silver, or Multi-Tone. All Enviroshake® Inc. Products will weather, and as with cedar, there may be variations in shading and thickness of the shakes/ shingles giving them a natural look on the roof

​Classic Silvered Cedar

The authentic look of a 3-4 year old silvered cedar shake roof.​

Aged Cedar

The darker grey tones found in a 10-12 year old cedar shake roof.


The best of both worlds, combining silvered grey and darker grey colors installed in an alternating pattern to achieve the authentic look of an ageing cedar shake roof.

Enviroslate® is designed to authentically replicate the look of natural slate. Enviroslate® is the perfect solution for those who want the look of slate without the cost. Enviroslate®’s unique composition allows it to offer unsurpassed durability, longevity, and lifetime performance. It is mold, mildew, and insect resistant, fire, hail, and wind resistant, and comes with a fully transferable lifetime warranty. 1/3 the weight of natural slate! Enviroslate® offers significant lifetime savings compared to natural slate roofing. In fact, an Enviroslate® roof costs ½ of what natural slate costs to install! Unlike natural slate, Enviroslate® is lightweight so there is no need to reinforce your roof deck.

Onyx Black Enviroslate®
Charcoal Grey Enviroslate®
Stone Grey Enviroslate®
Sage Green Light Enviroslate®​
Plum Purple Light Enviroslate®
Sage Green Light Enviroslate®​
Plum Purple Light Enviroslate®

Additionally, Enviroslate® is nailed to the roof eliminating the use of slate hooks and risk of falling pieces. Enviroslate® is designed to be installed at a 9” reveal.

Each Enviroslate® tile measures 12” wide x 20” tall, with various edge and top textures to emulate natural slate. All ridge caps are custom made for each project.

For more information on their products visit the Enviroshake website @www.enviroshake.com

Stone Grey Enviroslate®

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